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Tourism: Ebook Central

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Using Ebook Central

If you just want to read an e-book from Ebook Central, or print a few pages, you can do this directly online.

To download an e-book you also need to install Adobe Digital Editions.  You also need to get an Adobe ID, this you find here.

A downloaded book can be on loan for 1, 3 or 7 days depending on the licence from the publisher. If you need it for longer time you have to make a new loan. Some of the e-books are not available for downloading due to copyright reasons.

You can also download a few pages/chapter as a pdf, which you can keep.

For more help with downloading, see the Help at Ebook Central, or contact the Library.

Ebook Central for mobile devices

If you need to download e-books to your cell phone or tablet you need to get an app. The app Bluefire Reader is recommended.

For help with using E-books  on cell phones and tablets, read more at the official Ebook Central Libguide.

Get about...

If you are at the campus, it's easiest to use the link to Ebook Central at the Library web. Just search for Ebook Central in the search window (the tab for Databases). Then you will either be linked directly to Ebook Central, or be linked to the university login page where you have to use you user id.

If you are outside of the campus, you will always be asked to login with your user id. But it is very important that you use the correct links at the Library web, so you get the right authorization with your user id.

If you need a specific e-book, it is easiest to search for the book in our search window at the Library web. When you find it, there will be a link  to Ebook Central where you will have to use your user id.

If you get any problems you can use also use this direct link:

Ebook Central

More instructions for downloading an e-book:


From November 14, 2016 your Ebook Central account will have the same userid and password as your Högskolan Dalarna ID. This is needed for downloading  and use of the bookshelf.

The first time you try to use the Bookshelf , you will be able to transfer your old bookshelf to your university login:



Search directly in Ebook Central

Ebook Central

Examples of ebooks from Ebook Central