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E-books: Dawsonera

A guide to the Library's e-book platforms

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Dawsonera on mobile devices

Reading Dawsonera e-books on mobile devices

To read e-books on your iPhone/iPad you need the app Bluefire Reader or Adobe Digital Editions from App Store.

Also for reading e-books on your Android cell phone or tablet you need Bluefire Reader or Adobe Digital Editions, but from Google Play.

You also need an Adobe ID.

Dawsonera on PC/Laptop

To read e-books on your PC or laptop you can either read it online, or download it so that it also can be read offline.

Downloaded titles can be opened and read by using either of the following programs:

You also need an Adob ID.

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If you are at the campus, it's easiest to use the link to Dawsonera at the Library web. Just search for Dawsonera in the search window (the tab for Databases).  Then you will either be linked directly to Dawsonera, or be linked to the university login page where you have to use you user id.

If you are outside of the campus, you will always be asked to login with your user id. But it is very important that you use the correct links at the Library web, so you get the right authorization with your user id.

If you need a specific e-book, it is easiest to search for the book in our search window at the Library web. When you find it, there will be a link  to Dawsonera where you will have to use your user id.

If you get any problems you can use also use this direct link:


Read online

Click on the this symbol to read the e-book online. The book always opens with the title page. You move around in the book by using either the Table of contents on the left, or the arrows on the top of the page, or just scrolling with the mouse.


Click on this symbol to start downloading the e-book for offline reading. You can choose between a loan period of 1, 2 or 3 days. At the end of the loan period the downloaded e-book will be unavailable, and you have to make a new download. You will also have to choose which reader program to use for reading. Adobe Reader are no longer allowed. You need to download either Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader to your device.

You can't print, or copy from a downloaded book. This is only possible reading the e-book online.

Online reading guide

My bookshelf, notes, printing

My bookshelf

In the right column in the book description view you can add the e-books to My bookshelf by clicking on the star to the right of the book title.


You can save notes during your online reading using the Notes tab to the left. The notes are saved on your account until you remove them. You can also export, share and import notes to the e-book.

Printing and copying

Every user can print or copy approximately 5% of the text in an e-book. This is variable between the dawsonera e-books according to agreement with the different publishers.

This limit is valid per user and per book. You can't logout and login again and print/copy a new 5%.
As an example: If a book has 300 pages, you can print 15 pages total.How many pages you have left to print/copy is seen by clicking on the Copy or Print button.

Exampes of ebooks from Dawsonera


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