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E-books: SAGE Knowledge

A guide to the Library's e-book platforms

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About SAGE Knowledge

SAGE Knowledge is the platform for e-books SAGE Publications. Högskolan Dalarna have during 2017 access to more than 4 300 e-books.

You are permitted to access, print or download as much of an Ebook on SAGE knowledge, for personal use, as you need.  

Read Online 

You can read the full-text by clicking the title of the item. The Table of Contents will display, select the chapter/section you want to read.  Then the chapter/section will be available to read on the screen.


If you need to download, you can do this by selecting a chapter from the Table of Contents. Then you download the chapter as a PDF by clicking on the Download button.  You are permitted to download as much content as you need for personal use.  Once downloaded you can save the PDF or choose to print the pages you need.

Examples of ebooks from SAGE