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Social Science: Articles, Journals & Databases

About accessing articles

If you know the name of the article you are looking for, the easiest way to access it is to type in the full article title in the library's search service Summon, and click on "search". If the article is published in one of the journals the library subscribes to electronically, you will find the article title, and by clicking on it you will be linked to the article.

Remember, when searching in Summon from home, you need to log in to access the material.

Known journal

If you are looking for an article in a journal you know the title of, you can search for the journal's title via the library's journals list Journals A-Ö. You will find the list on the library start page. All journals that the library subscribes to, electronic as well as printed, are listed here.

Some journals are available in the library in printed format. Printed journals in the social sciences, sociology and political science, are located on the ground floor in the library in Falun.

Electronic journals

Most of the journals the library has access to are electronic. If you go via the journals list Journals A-Ö, you will be linked to the journals's web page in a database. From here you browse your way to the right volume, issue and article.

If the article is not available online as a full-text article (or if it is not available in printed format in the library), it is possible to order a hard copy for a fee (within Sweden only). Read more about how to do this on the page Interlibrary Loans and Purchase Suggestions.

About article databases and search services

This guide contains links to both scientific and unscientific articles, journals and databases. You can read more about how to recognize a scientific article on the page Scientific Articles.

Scientific articles can be found in various databases and also by using online search services. An example of a search service is Google Scholar. In this search engine you will find freely available scientific articles. The library also has access to a number of databases with mainly scientific research articles. A selection of these within the subject area of social sciences can be found below.

Selected article databases in the social sciences

Reference databases

Svenskt material

Journals in political science in selection


The peer reviewed journal Democratization is devoted to the study of the broad phenomenon of democratization.

Comparative political studies

Comparative political studies
Comparative Political Studies offers scholarly work on comparative politics at both the cross-national and intra-national levels.

Journal of Democracy

Journal of Democracy
The Journal of Democracy is the world’s leading publication on the theory and practice of democracy.

Information about journals