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E-böcker: ASM handbooks

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Databasen ASM Handbooks Online ger dig tillgång till samtliga 28 delar av ASM Handbook. Det är ett referensverk med information om egenskaper hos material, med fokus på de metaller och legeringar som används inom industrin. Handböckerna går inte att ladda ner, utan kan bara läsas på webben.

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How to use

To get started, enter your search term or phrase in the search box at the top of the screen and click GO. Selecting Advanced Search will take you to a page where you can target your search to individual volumes or specific types of content.

Another way to find content is to browse the Table of Contents, located on the left, by clicking through the levels. Expand a ranch by clicking on the plus sign.

The content is only available in HTML format, so it is non-downloadable and must be viewed online.

How to Print

Articles from ASM Handbooks have been divided into sections to eliminate slow or lengthy download times for web display. Therefore, each section of an article must be printed separately.

1. Find the article you wish to print

2. Print by using Print Page button in the narrow green bar on the right side above the content.

3. Click on the Next Section in this Article link to go to the next section and continue printing until the entire article is printed.

If you wish to print a selected portion of the content that is displayed, make a selection with your mouse. Then access the print option from your browser's File menu and choose selection from the options before you click on the Print button.

For example, if you wish to print a table, figure, graph, or portion of a data record, select just those portions of content you're viewing and choose Selection in the File/Print menu option.