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DiVA (eng): Research publications

DiVA is Dalarna University’s academic repository and publications database. It contains research publications and theses by doctoral students, researchers and students.

Research publications

As a doctoral student, researcher or teacher at Dalarna University you are required to register your academic publications in DiVA.

If permissible according to copyright and publisher agreements, you may publish your research Open Access in DiVA.

Log in to DiVA to register your research publications

There are two main ways:

  1. Manual registration
  2. Import references from another database

Make sure to complete:

  • Local user ID (User name at Dalarna University, often three letters, such as abc)
  • The subject under which you are employed in the field "Department, unit or program". Alternatively fill in the field "Other organisation" if the publication was written whilst employed at another university.
  • Research profile in the "Research subject" field. Select your specific research project from the same list if applicable (the overlying research profile is automatically selected).

How do I make sure my publications in DiVA are shown under my personal presentation?

Correctly filling out the three fields above ensures that your publication is listed in the university’s presentation of employees, subjects and research profiles.

The University's research database

Research projects are found in Dalarna University's research database. As a researcher, you can register your project via the intranet. Once you have created a research project, you can then link your publications to the project in DiVA.

Research database - Create/edit projects


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