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DiVA is Dalarna University’s academic repository and publications database. It contains research publications and theses by doctoral students, researchers and students.

What is DiVA?

DiVA is Dalarna University's publications database. DiVA contains research publications and degree theses produced by the university's doctoral students, researchers and students.

DiVA is a public electronic archive and publishing is done Open Access. This means that everyone has the right to read, cite, download and print what is published. However, if you wish to make use of a publication or thesis that you find in DiVA, you must request permission from the author, who always retains copyright of his/her work.

DiVA is a system used by 49 educational and research institutes in Sweden. All publications can be found using the search engine DiVA portal. Uppsala University Library is responsible for maintaining and developing this search engine.

What is the purpose of DiVA?

  • It is a platform for Dalarna University’s publications
  • It provides long-term storage for university publications and affords secure access to these
  • It distributes Dalarna University publications to other databases and search services
  • It is used for publication lists on the University's website
  • It is used as a basis for the allocation of research funds
  • It is used as a basis for bibliometrics – the statistical analysis of publications


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