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Open Access (eng): Funding for OA publishing

Open Access refers to the free availability of research results online.

Funding for Open Access publishing at Dalarna University

Open Access Publishing: Internal Process and Criteria for Applications for Internal Funding of Publishing Fee (APC)

Dalarna University encourages Open Access publishing. For this type of publication, some journals charge a fee (Article Processing Charge, APC).

Currently, many external research funders demand Open Access publishing and will provide funding for the associated publication fees.

Therefore, if you are a researcher or doctoral student at Dalarna University, your first step should be to apply for external funding of the publication fee. The next is to apply for internal funding of publication fees via the Library.

Applications for Internal Funding: Requirements and Criteria

  • You must be employed, or have been admitted as a doctoral student, at Dalarna University.
  • You must be the “corresponding author” of the article.
  • Your affiliation to Dalarna University/Högskolan Dalarna must be apparent in the article.
  • As a rule, the publication fee is to be covered by your external research funding. When you as researcher apply for external funding through the research funding body, the funds for the publication fee should always be included – so long as this cost has been approved by the funding body.

When and how do I apply for internal funding for the publication fee?

Read the information below carefully before completing the form entitled Application funding Open Access publishing.

The Library contacts your Director of Research to get your application approved for further handling. The application is then processed by the Library. The Library Director makes the formal decision on the application. The Library will inform you directly of the decision, with a copy also being provided to your Director of Research.

  • The maximum amount of funding per article is 30 000 kr.
  • Funding will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis
  • When the article is published, you must register and publish it in DiVA


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