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Open Access (eng): Non-legitimate publishers

Open Access refers to the free availability of research results online.

Non-legitimate publishers

Some Open Access publishers are not reputable. In return for the publication fee (APC), you are offered rapid publication in what is claimed to be a peer-reviewed journal. These predatory publishers and journals abuse the research community for their own economical gain, at the expense of scientific quality.

You are welcome to contact the library and we will review the journal.

Consider the following before you send an article to a journal you are unfamiliar with:

  • Are previously published articles written by prestigious authors and/or from prestigious departments in the field?
  • Is there sufficient information about the publisher? Who is in charge?
  • Who sits on the editorial board?
  • Is there sufficient contact information?
  • How does their peer review process work?
  • Are the terms in their publishing agreement reasonable? Who maintains copyright?
  • Is information on the journal's site credible?

A guide to reviewing Open Access journals is "Open Access and predatory publishers" by Pieta Eklund, University of Borås.

Think Check Submit is a resource that helps you as a researcher to assess the credentials of a journal or publisher.

Cabell's Blacklist is a list with predatory journals.


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