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Open Access (eng): Publish Open Access

Open Access refers to the free availability of research results online.

Publish Open Access

There are three main ways to publish Open Access:

  • Gold Open Access
  • Hybrid Open Access
  • Green Open Access – Parallel publishing in DiVA

Gold Open Access

Open Access journals are freely available (at no cost) scientific journals. They are subject to peer review and editorial quality control just as traditional scientific journals. However, they are not financed by way of subscription. Some Open Access journals charge authors a publishing fee. Others do not.

You can find Open Access journals via the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Hybrid Open Access

Some subscription-based journals allow you as the author to make your article freely available through the payment of a fee. Most of the large journal publishers provide this type of service.

Green Open Access – Parallel publishing in DiVA

Green Open Access, also known as parallel publishing, is when an article that is published in a traditional academic journal is also made freely available in an open electronic archive such as DiVA.

Parallel Publishing in DiVA

Dalarna University requires that researchers register and archive their publications in DiVA. The university also recommends that you publish the fulltext of your work Open Access in DiVA, as long as copyright and the publishing agreement permits this.

Rights of the Author

The right of the author to make the article available is determined by the agreement with the publisher.
Examples of common terms:

  • Author's or publisher's version
  • Embargo, i.e. parallel publishing after a set period, usually 6-12 months
  • Reference and link to the original publication

Information about policies for different scientific journals and publishers can be found in Sherpa/RoMEO. If you are unable to find information about the journal there, go to the journal's website and look for information on copyright and other conditions for parallel publishing.

Publishing books through an Open Access publisher

Open Access publishing has to date mostly been the domain of academic journals. However, Open Access publishing of books is an emerging area. Ubiquity Press in London and Stockholm University Press are two such publishers.


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