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ORCID (eng): Register for an ORCID

ORCID is a unique international identifier for researchers. Researchers at Dalarna University are strongly encouraged to create an ORCID ID as a means of ensuring correct attribution of research publications.

Register for an ORCID

To register for an ORCID iD (it takes 30 secs):

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in your name and Dalarna University email address. Choose a password. Agree to the terms and click ”Register”.
  3. Your ORCID comprises 16 digits and will often be presented as a link: for example,
  4. Under Employment please state Högskolan Dalarna.
  5. Current publications in DiVA:
  6. Do you require help linking your ORCID to your existing publications in DiVA? If so, please send your ORCID (16 digits) to
  7. New publications in DiVA:
  8. Provide your ORCID in the designated field upon registration of a publication.
  9. Begin using your ORCID when you submit articles for publication and upon application for research funding.


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