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This is a guide for mechanical engineering students and students in solar energy engineering at Högskolan Dalarna.

Welcome to the subject guide for engineering!

In this guide we have gathered various resources we think you who study engineering will benefit from. 

Some of the resources are freely available, others are licensed and can only be used by students and employees at Dalarna University. To access them you need to log in. User ID and password are the same as for the university's other services.


Start your search

Summon is the library's search service where you can search for articles, dissertations, books and e-books in one search. You get both printed and digital material. Summon is a good place to search if you want to get an overview of a subject area or if you want to find a specific book or article.

If you need to find several scientific articles within a topic, for an essay or an assignment, it is better to search in one of our databases. Then you can do better and more efficient searches, and you will get relevant material faster. Databases for Construction and Energy Engineering or Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science can be found under the tabs on the left.


Interlibrary loan

Do we not have the book you are looking for? Then we can borrow it from another library - a so-called interlibrary loan. More information about interlibrary loans can be found here.

Do you want to order an interlibrary loan? Fill out this form and submit.

If you are a distance student and live outside one of our campus locations, you can turn to your local library and they will help you make an interlibrary loan. Then you get the book faster and it gets cheaper.